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'Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara' First Look: Recreating a photographic memory of Che in India

Five Traits that made Che Guevara an icon

"Whenever Death may surprise us, let it be welcome if our battle cry has reached even one receptive ear and another hand reaches out to take up our arms."

I am not Christ or a philanthropist, old lady, I am all the contrary of a Christ...I fight for the things I believe in, with all the weapons at my disposal and try to leave the other man dead so that I dont get nailed to a cross or any other place.

Saint Ernesto

"The true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love. It is impossible to think of a genuine revolutionary lacking this quality."

Everyday people straighten up the hair, why not the heart.

Photo Credits: Team Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara

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