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10 Reasons Why You Should Watch Piya Behrupia

1.When Lord Orsino enters the stage shouting: "अगर गाना बजाना ही इश्क़ की खुर्राक है तो गाओ और बजाओ"

2.The smooth changing character scene of the "Pia"

3. The "Machhali" dance of Neha Saraf

4.The characters hide behind one another when there are no props

5.The play first premiered at Shakespeare's Globe, London

6.When Toby takes a dig at William Shakespeare, the original writer of the play.

7. A masterful adaptation of script.

8. Gagn Dev greets the audience in his impeccable drunken character.

9.The heart touching songs

10.The director's vision.

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