Young poets celebrate literature at Gyaan Adab Centre!

In a meeting of young and creative minds, AND ALL PUBLISHING and UNTOLD STORIES hosted a day long festival of poetry at Gyaan Adab Centre in Kalyaninagar on 7th March!

Poets from many parts of the country recited poetry in various themes ; and not two poets seem to have overlapped the topics!

Aadhya recited soulful and powerful pieces on issues of women. They went around female infanticide, marriage at small age, discrimination in family and domestic violence. With child like penetration , her piece was heart rendering!

Nikhil Chauhan

Nikhil recited most of his work touched with Urdu; be it the flavour of Rumi or Gulzaar saheb! He has a plethora of emotions which he captures in his poetry! Love, break up ,

motherly love; countless of these motifs are found in his works!


His poetry speaks and talks about the millennial; maybe some criticism , maybe some constructive works! His poetry is sharp and acerbic, that would touch all kinds of audience!

Mobile phones, social media, travelling to hinterland, technology; countless things! His themes revolve around love for anyone , your parents, your country, or a woman! He is also a rapper and hails from Madhya Pradesh!

Shubhanshu Dwivedi

Shubhanshu goes into the intricacies of the beautiful Braj bhasha! With the mellow of this dialect, he can light up an evening with the beautiful renderings of his voice in this ancient language! He talks about love, KRISHNA PREM!


Common-parlance of everyday Hindi is Hrithik's forte! He uses the every day Hindi to deliver the most power-packed of words, to move, to connect, to cry, to excite, to come back to himself. His poems are well structured! Some of his themes are voice against injustice, knowledge of communal ism, mob lynching, cultural and ethical imbalance!

P.S: Stay tuned for more photos and videos of the festival!

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