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Workshop: Script Analysis and Monologues with Rangaai Theatre!

Image Source: Rangaai Theatre and RAD TIMES MEDIA


RAD Times Media presents, in association with Rangaai Theatre Company, a Theatre Workshop for Working Professionals. Script Analysis & Monologues - A 4 days workshop for working professionals. Come, enhance your skills and understanding of preparing a monologue or any script for that matter.

Workshop Takeaways:

• Learn to decipher behind the lines meaning and playwrights thought process.

• Learn to develop details and objectives of your character and align them with the intentions of the playwright.

• Learn Voice modulation techniques to sharpen your dialogue delivery.

• Learn the technique to identify and analyze emotions and to use it in your performance About the workshop:

• This workshop will be conducted over a period of 4 days, for 2 hours each, so a total of 8 hours of theory and practical training

• The batch will contain 10 participants

• The workshop will be conducted in a Multi-lingual fashion with Hindi as the primary language • You will be required to submit a short 5 - 8 mins monologue of your choice (Hindi/ Marathi/ English) at the time of registration in pdf format

• All the COVID precautions will be taken, such as temperature checks and recording, Sanitisation of hands and bags, and the wearing of a mask.

About Rangaai Theatre Company:

Mumbai's first and only immersive sensory theatre company. Creators of the first and the longest-running immersive sensory play "The Darkroom 2.0 - An Immersive Sensory Theatre Experience“. Also, the only theatre company currently running # Gargikand - a one-of-kind Virtual Interactive Murder Mystery experience first time in India over Zoom and WhatsApp. Follow us on FB - Instagram - @rangaaitheatre

About The Instructor:

Tushar Tukaram Dalvi is the founder and artistic director of Rangaai Theatre Company. A full-time theatre practitioner, writer, director, theatre coach, and actor. He has also worked in the Youth Theatre Productions of Live Theatre, Newcastle, United Kingdom. He began working in theatre in 2006 with intercollegiate theatre competitions. He has since then worked with several prominent theatre directors such as Sandesh Jadhav, Prasad Khandekar, Vaibhav Satpute, Bijon Mondal, Faezeh Jalali, Atul Kumar, Sujay Sable, etc. He has himself written and designed more than 12 plays in Hindi, Marathi, and English for public shows and corporate assignments. He started RTC in 2016 and has consistently delivered some of the unique and pioneering concepts in the immersive sensory theatre format. Many NEWS media have spoken about RTC's past work in their online and print newspapers, radio channels, and magazines. ( Article:

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