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Vineet Kumar and Gopal Dutt narrate stories by Manto and Parsai in Zee Theatre’s 'Koi Baat Chale!

'Koi Baat Chale, Zee Theatre's series of dramatic readings comes full circle with Saadat Hasan Manto's 'Mammad Bhai' and Harishankar Parsai’s 'Ek Film Katha'. Directed by Seema Pahwa, these tales highlight two strikingly different themes. While 'Mammad Bhai' narrated by Vineet Kumar is about a gangster who has to part with his prized possessions; his moustache and his dagger, 'Ek Film Katha' narrated by Gopal Dutt is a satire on run-of-the-mill Hindi cinema of ’70s, ’80s & early ’90s.

Date: March 19

Time: 8 pm

Where: Tata Play Theatre.

The production is available to watch on Zee5 App.

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