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Theatre preview: Chetana theatre presents MAGON RAJAR PALA!

Image Source: Pathik Mitra


Theatre is the most powerful kind of performing arts and directly connects with the audience without any pre-disposition! Theatre plays a vital role to educate, spread awareness and address the burning issues of our society!

India has a great theatrical heritage . Bharata Muni, an ancient theatr-ologist and musicologist, considered as the father of India theatre art forms, wrote "Natyasastra" a theatrical treatise on ancient Indian dramaturgy and histrionics, way back in around 500 BC! It remains the encyclopedic treatise on the arts, which has influenced dance, music and literary traditions in India. It is notable for it's aesthetic Rasa Theory , which asserts that, entertainment is the desired effect of performance! Its primary goal is to transport the audience to parallel reality full of wonder, where he experiences the essence of his own consciousness and reflects on spiritual and moral questions.

Dance in Bharat Muni's Natysahtra


In continuation to his legacy Theatre Lovers Pune has been initiated to nurture, practice, exhibit and promote theatre among the common people with a meaningful objective. The primary objective of Theatre Lovers Pune ( TLP ) is to unite all the theatre groups and individuals for the progress of the theatre form of performing art. Aligned to this, TLP started its activity with the great initiative from "Pandav " a Marathi theatre group headed by eminent artist Shri Madav Abhayankarji. Our endeavor is to showcase renowned theatre performances from different parts of India, enriching the theatre fraternity of Pune!

Thus the theme of the event has been aptly coined as "Theatre With a Cause " on 8th March 2020, Sunday, 3:00 pm, a renowned theatre group "Chetana" from Kolkata will perform " MAGON RAJAR PALA" , a hilarious comedy . This will be the 53rd performance of the play , a testimony to it's popularity . This play is directed by Sujan Neel Mukhopadhay. Through the play's story line and representation executed in a hilarious way at the same time it delivers a serious message to the society which will keep us haunting.


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