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So what’s next for Ridley Scott?

By Jaspreet Kaur!

So what’s the next move for the famous filmmaker Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Alien) who is a worldwide famous producer having more than 100 movie and television producing credits by his own estimation. He has worked mainly in the area of “science fiction”. With his works, he tries to make the viewers think about life, evolution, origin of humans, life on Earth etc. Films are not only a source of entertainment for the general audience but also a source of bringing awareness about social issues in the society, update the things in trend and ; moreover it speaks the mind of every individual’s life. Talking about an individual, whose mind is engrossed in so many day to day activities, professional life, personal life, family etc, one doesn’t easily get time to think beyond such things. Ridley Scott’s movies are generally an eye opener for every individual to visualize life and other things on the planet.

Now what’s next for Ridley Scott to present? Well most of the readers must have read a very famous book named “Sapiens” by Israel Professor Yuval Noah Harari which doesn’t need any Introduction. In brief, it was published in the year 2014 and had become an international hit.

By 2019, over 15.6 million copies had been sold and the book was translated into over 50 languages. It was a New York Times top 10 bestseller, and held positions #1-#3 on the Sunday Times’ bestseller list for 96 consecutive weeks, with over 150 weeks in the top ten.

It’s a story of mankind beautifully written by Yuval Noah Harari which describes how man became Planet’s dominant species. This book is also recommended by President Barack Obama, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Scott has decided to adapt Best Seller “Sapiens” with Oscar-winning documentarian Asif Kapadia. The plans seem to be this way that Ridley will produce and Kapadia will direct the adaptation.

Kapadia has said in a statement that it’s a book that changes our way we; approach to see world and thing beyond the limits. This film could reach every individual and ; make him think and ; explore about life, human and its origin. Making films on such topics had always been the strategy of producers

and directors to catch the eye of every person from all age groups. In a way, it also creates a sense of curiosity especially among those who have already read the book. The readers could also compare and; generalize the ideas

while reading and watching. Scott and Kapadia have secured the rights, represented by WME, in 2017. Let’s see what “Sapiens” have secretly stored for viewers!


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