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RAD PREVIEW: WAITING FOR GODOT directed by Dev Chakraborty to be staged at The Box!

Updated: May 19, 2022


What is the purpose of our being on this earth?

The answer may seem out of our reach.

We don't know who to ask, and we certainly don't know where to look.

From birth, we have been told the whole principle of our existence through questions without answers. As time progresses we find ourselves more frustrated when our own meanings keep changing and we try to solve it ourselves. Maybe we are looking for meaning that is not there or we are looking for that one true meaning. Hopefully, we will get it someday and our wait totally depends on this hope. Hope is not just a word , it's a strength for all... Hope is the last thing which we humans ever lost. Keeping all this things in mind Agnimitra Pune is bringing in Samuel Beckett's masterpiece -------------------------------

Waiting for Godot in Hindi.

The play has been translated by Krishna Baldev Vaid and the play has been designed and directed by Dev Chakraborty.

The play will be performed on 22nd of May 2022 at The Box Pune at 7:30 PM.

So Agnimitra Pune


Waiting for Godot

Writer: Samuel Beckett

Design and Direction : Dev Chakraborty

Hindi Translation: Krishna Baldev Vaid

Music : Legendary Niccolo Paganini

Set : Manish Gajbe

Lights : Amitava Sarkar

Sound Design : Srikanth

Stage Management: Kumar Lalu


Shrikanth, Naresh Gund, Wahid Akbar, Anuj Gawande, Shrijoy Poddar

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