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RAD NEW FACES: Interview with charismatic Actor Raghav Binani!

Image Source: Raghav Binani

Q1. What made you realize you wanted to be an actor?

Raghav Binani: I did not know anybody in the Indian Cinema industry. I used to Google the names of casting directors, look, for auditions on social media and visit production houses and offices which worked in the line of production. I worked for

one year in the Advertising agency. I’ve loved film since before I can remember, and your studio’s films are among my favorites. Honestly, I got into film editing because of

you. Being behind the scenes and being a part of that magic—even in the smallest.

of ways—is an amazing feeling, and I would be so honored to bring my knowledge

to work here. Additionally, I do my best work as part of a team, and watching your.

behind-the-scenes production videos on your website clarified that you value

collaboration and movement across roles.

Q2. What was your inspiration behind taking the acting industry?

Raghav Binani: Then I was in college, I felt I wanted to entertain people and I felt to give myself a shot. I really loved watching films, so I thought I would become an actor. I felt

important to really work here.

Q3. What kind of genre of films works well in the market especially in the present scenario?

Raghav Binani: I think a hero who is larger than well if you are looking in that perspective. Also I think family drama and comedy. “Having worked with film crews in the past, I am

well versed in interacting with a diverse array of personalities and know how to tailor my communications to different types of people. I like to be transparent and avoid miscommunication at all costs, so I try to have all important conversations in person, and I jot down any key takeaways at the end to ensure we’re on the same page. Also, in the fast-paced world of film, I find that you need to be ready for anything, so my phone is on me 24/7. That way, anyone, anywhere can get to me if they have a crucial need.”

Q4.How do you promote your film so that people watch it?

Raghav Binani: The marketing does most of the work. Making the posters and promoting it. But I definitely share it on my social media. So that people watch it.

Q5. What advice would you like to give young filmmakers?

Raghav Binani: “I did not go to a film school I went to the film. Be practical and extraordinary as well as unique. I just love Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. It combines so

many genres—sci-fi, romance, comedy, drama—in a really clever, memorable way. The films that matter to me are interesting and creative, but also enjoyable and accessible. Great films need to appeal to a lot of people so that they can have an impact, and I feel like Eternal Sunshine really did that. I can watch it again and again and keep discovering new things.”

4. Where do you see yourself in five years?


Raghav Binani:Once I’ve completed the production assistant internship I’m currently doing, I’m excited to build my skill set as a junior production coordinator for your organization, learning everything I can from your expert team. Over time, I’d like to work my way up and diversify my knowledge—I’m really interested in learning about video editing, specifically. Ultimately, I want to be a producer, but until then, I want to keep moving forward and using my creativity to support great films.”

Q5. What are a few films you have worked on?

Raghav Binani: A few films I have worked on are: Shakuntala Devi, Dostana 2, member,

Runaway 34, Mili, Faraz, Selfie, Tarla and Animal.

Thank you for the beautiful chat and best of luck with your journey ahead Raghav! We would love to review your upcoming works.

Interview by Contributing Editor at RAD TIMES: Akshinta Das

Edited by: Deepak Sinha, Editor-in-Chief, RAD TIMES preview section is your best, most complete guide for all the theatre/films , big and small, coming your way soon. Happy Reading! Follow our channel here.

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