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The Actor's Channel on Youtube releases second season for aspiring Broadway actors!


New Channel for Performers and Actors - The Actors Channel on YouTube!

Theatre Fans, Acting Lessons, Broadway Dancers & Arts Education ushers in ‘The Actors Channel’. 2nd Season on YouTube!

The Actors Channel, a weekly Youtube episodic variety show created for performers of all levels- celebrates it’s 2nd Season on YouTube with a plethora of fun characters highlighting Broadway, Theatre Fans, Dancers & More. 

Created by Director/Choreographer and Arts Educator Alex Perez, along with Casting Directors & Industry professionals- ‘The Actors Channel’ begins the second season with whimsical characters such as ‘Wicked’ Superfan ‘Elpho’ who highlights Broadway’s best, Broadway Dancers featured in ‘The Actors Dance’ episode with music videos and lessons on Bob Fosse, Alvin Ailey & quotes by Film & TV stars that offer inspiration & motivation for performers of all ages.

“There’s something about this format that makes it accessible to all” says Perez,
“It’s devised in a way to give the viewer tidbits of information whether you’re a beginner in theatre & film, or an industry professional that wants a refresher and pointers.  It was important during these struggling times for artists, to help provide positivity, enlightenment and hope while still working on your craft.  We need more light in our world, and it’s nice to add a little something to people’s lives that still want a taste of performing but may not have access to do so.”

Every week, subscribers of the channel get a new episode filled with informative lessons, skits and segments focusing on topics such as,

  • The Self Tape Audition

  • How to Walk into an Audition Room

  • The Headshot

  • Musical Theatre

  • Online Casting Services

The channel offers Advice, Tips, Motivation and Fun designed to help & assist the creative journey of a performer.  It’s a great tool for arts educators to share with their students and a way to give performers a chance to brush up their arts knowledge. 

To join in on the fun, it’s Free.

Just visit the Actors Channel on Youtube, Click on ‘Subscribe’ & hit the bell for notifications and enjoy the episodes at your own pace in the comfort of wherever you are. 

Future Episodes will enjoy featured guests from Broadway,Film & TV, Subscriber contributions to the channel and exercises to help shape your performer life.   To get a sample of the channel- watch a recent episode ‘The Actors Dance’ which covers a wide array of topics including Musical Theatre greats, Music videos about Ballet sung by character-rapper ‘Puggle’ and featuring Broadway Dancers and theatre lovers & an Artist spotlight on Alvin Ailey.  




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