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Author Interview: Surendra Kumar Sagar chats World Peace in 100 Seconds to Midnight!

Image Source: Author Surendra Kumar Sagar


Author Surendra Kumar Sagar writes on philosophy, science, and international geopolitics. He feels an understanding of physics, philosophy, and more would lead to a deeper state of harmony and understanding of the world. He is currently the Technical Director in the Total Environment Group of companies. He is based out of Bengaluru and has just completed his book 100 Seconds to Midnight published by! RAD TIMES chats with him about his latest book.

1. Hello Sir! Why do you bring famous figures from so many schools of thought in a parallel seminar? We mean, you could have just shared their thoughts. But, to bring them together is unique and courageous in its own right. How has been the response of your audience?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: I strive to bring in revised versions of path-breaking scientists and philosophers of the past as it adds spice to the issues under discussion without allowing the seriousness of the discussion to sag in any way. In general, readers agree with my views considering I have a reasonably firm grip on the totality of propositions entailed by what I put forward.

2. The expanse of international relations discussion in your book 100 SECONDS to MIDNIGHT is immense. Do you think understanding international affairs, is also the key to understanding the universe?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: It is the other way round. Understanding the laws of the universe offers a serious understanding of the laws of causation is helpful in the understanding of International affairs. The idea that the Universe is simulated and the realization that Simulation is the preferred choice over Randomness is helpful. A Simulation is necessary so that everything happens in accordance with plans and designs to yield the desired ( as far as possible ) results.

In the case of the Universe as a whole, the desired results are that life and consciousness should exist and flourish in various parts of the universe; and in the case of the human civilization, the desired results are peaceful coexistence, avoidance of conflicts and wars, with compassionate, able, and responsible leaders at the helm of every country, and that Randomness should have little chance of coming in the way of the desired results. All in all, it is to be ensured that men and women with an inadequate Compassion and Information Index should have zero chance of becoming Presidents of nations.

The universe is a quantum computer, that computes its behavior. The processing of information keeps going on ad-infinitum. It is the information in the field that is responsible for what happens in reality. The complexities keep rising all the time. So, we can Inject such information into the field that can prevent another war on the planet Earth.

Image Source: Surendra Kumar Sagar

3. In your book 100 SECONDS to MIDNIGHT, you discuss at length the origin of the CORONA virus. How can we avoid Xenophobia in times like these?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: A Covid-19 origins investigation was expected long back well even before the data was allowed to diminish. A group of international scientists has called for a new investigation into the origins of Covid-19. This is after China and the (WHO) World Health Organization released a report recently concluding that the virus most likely came from wildlife instead of a laboratory. 24 scientists from Europe, the U.S.A ( The United States of America), Australia, and Japan issued an open letter. In this letter, they criticized the WHO report and highlighted that critical records and biological samples that could provide essential insights into pandemic origins remained inaccessible. I understand that China`s deliberate delaying tactics and lack of access to complete original data and samples is evidence enough of substantial wrong-doing. However, blaming a nation helps no international actors or people. A nation is a geographical area. It is the Bad Actors comprising the leaders of nations, as well as leaders of Deep States of countries that need to be taken care of. At times like this, a unified approach is required by World leaders to resolve the current international crisis. A unified approach will also be required even after the resolution of the current crisis to ensure that Bio-Warfare is comprehensively prevented from recurrence.

4. When you wrote the book 100 SECONDS to MIDNIGHT, Donald Trump was in power. President Joe Biden is in power now. How have things changed with the new presidency?

Surendra Kumar Sagar:Trump was installed by Vladimir Putin as POTUS to take care of the Deep State of America. But it didn`t help, as Trump made a complete mess of everything civil and military. And to the problems created by the Deep State were added the problems created by the corrupt state of Donald Trump. It was expected to be TRUMP Vs THE DEEP STATE, but ultimately it turned out to be TRUMP + THE DEEP STATE. Yes things have changed for the better since Joe Biden came in. He has lived up to his promise of speeding up the vaccination drive and bringing Covid -19 under control in the U.S.A. He has rejoined the Paris Accord on Climate Change which was necessary. He is likely to renew the Iran Nuclear Deal albeit with changes. He has re-established ties with the Nato Allies. He is showing Putin his place and introduced strong sanctions against Russia. However this can bring back the Cold War back between U.S.A and Russia and its possible it may not remain cold for very long. He needs to be careful with Russia and China and show some restraint.

5. What has been the main source of research for 100 SECONDS to MIDNIGHT ?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: The basic search has been to dig deep .. very deep … on what's going on the planet Earth, to be completely abreast of the latest news and views, to study the views/inputs of the best experts in the field, and make the most appropriate selection.

For example, I bring in Albert Einstein who opines that monstrously-exaggerated spirit of Nationalism is at the back of all the problems civil, military.  That nationalism must be contained everywhere by strengthening international institutions. 

I bring in my friend Chandrasekhar who suggests a unified approach to address the issues. Instead of a clash of civilizations, we can have virtuous cooperation of civilizations to bridge our differences and deliver the world from its wars and conflicts for the common good, survival, peace, and progress. 
I bring in The former President of the U.S.A ( The United States of America) Eisenhower with his Atoms for Peace talk which is still relevant today.  

I bring in the best experts in the field to talk about various issues such as :
Raymond Pierrehumbert a climate change expert who explained there is no such Plan-B such as Albado hacking or CDR etc other than doubling down on de-carbonization.  

I bring in my friend Prof. Shoumen Datta an expert on Covid-19 who says: The genetic relationship and similarities between SARS -Covid 1 and SARS Covid--2 is insufficient to explain .. and its not clear how SARS of 2002-2003 was controlled in less than a year with 8437 cases and 813 deaths as compared to the catastrophic damage caused by the SARS of 2019 -2020.

In my view, it is just ludicrous to think that the human intelligence of 2020 is inferior to that of 2002. Again in my view, Nature on its own is not a problem, it's what we do to nature that is the problem. Again in my view, biowarfare might become the rule rather than the exception in the future.

In this connection, I bring in Richard Pelch ( who wrote for the BOAS), and he tells us:``PREEMPTION IS THE ONLY SOLUTION``

I bring in Mike Adams with his comprehensive study and analysis of the extent to which Russia and China had been preparing to confront the US, which forced the US to carry out a thermonuclear Missile launch near Los Angeles in November 2015 ( covered in much detail in my third book BRIGHT LIGHT IN THE SKY.. It was a major Nuclear test .. a $ 31 million billboard telling Russia and China `` Don`t meddle ( ….) with us. a final sign of World War 3 on the precipice. US, China, and Russia all escalating covert attacks in run-up to global war. That situation was temporarily prevented from worsening by the Installation of Trump as POTUS by PUTIN and their expected friendship.`

How Biden acts remains to be seen.

I bring in Nick Giambruno with his comprehensive analysis of the `DOLLAR` which despite being just a middleman is used in countless transactions amounting to trillions of dollars that have nothing .. nothing whatsoever to do with US products and services. 

Off and On I bring in myself and provide detailed presentations - after considerable research - on several topics such as `Correlation of the Emblematic Clock with extinction probabilities`, `The conflict between Shias and Sunnies and how it can be resolved, `The Deep States of the world and how to take care of them, and above all my Analysis - as a Structural Engineer - on what happened (rather what DID NOT HAPPEN`) on 9/11. This last item is covered extensively in the first 30 odd pages of the book. So, I will not talk about it here except to say that any understanding of what transpired on 9/11 must take into account the fact that the established laws of science cannot be violated. There is no such thing as MAGIC in Physics.

6. Can the section about the seminar in a parallel universe be put in a film script?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: Absolutely.. If there is a Producer interested in making a film .. I can provide him or her with an excellent script. Yes, I would love to do that. And I have full confidence the film will do very well.

7. Have you increased your writing hours? Tell us about your writing schedule?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: About 7 to 8 hours per week mostly during weekends.

8. What single factor would take humanity to the next level of intelligence?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: The Unity of Consciousness signifying the Oneness of the mind, and the interconnectedness of the Universe is the single most important factor, and the realization of this can catapult humanity to the next level of Intelligence. This subject is the central theme of the book. Nearly half of the book is devoted to this topic All the great Scientists and Philosophers are there: Erwin Schrodinger, Albert Einstein, John Wheeler, Eugene Wigner, Immanuel Kant, Swami Vivekananda, Amaury De Reincourt, Leonardo Da Vinci to name just a few. This is the most interesting part of the book. Readers should discover the Deep philosophical ideas discussed in the long conversations.

They ( Scientists and philosophers) all agree that Mind and Consciousness have a central place in the ultimate nature of reality. Never mind whether the said idea is not professionally useful to contemporary scientists, Or practically useful to build machines. But it can be philosophically useful to unite science with religion, to unite people, to unite cultures, to unite religions, to unite factions within religions, to end conflicts and wars including civil wars. A unified approach with a clear conscience is the only way the clock can be pushed back to safety.

I recall Dr Narayan Murthy`s words during the 2003 symposium on Science and beyond held at NIAS Bangalore: `.THE SOFTEST PILLOW IS A CLEAR CONSCIENCE.

9. Any words for the youth, after this book?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: People of every nation including the youth should live in freedom and the confidence that the people of every other nation enjoy equally the right of choosing their way of life. They should be fully aware of what's going right and what's going wrong in their own country and what their leaders are up to, whether they ( the leaders)are constructive or destructive. There should be agreements, not wars between nations. If this is not happening, the younger generation must rise to the occasion. If required, they must come to the streets in large numbers to stage peace-rallies across the world.

INTELLIGENCE must conquer UNINTELLIGENCE. The unity of consciousness implies that we are all one. But our consciousnesses are in the singular. thus giving each one of us individual identities to play our parts in this Human-drama. I request and urge the common people everywhere to get involved in whatever way they can to help in the continuation of the extraordinary intelligent life on this wonderful planet Earth.

10. What are you writing currently?

Surendra Kumar Sagar: Currently I am working on the Second Edition of my book ``INTELLIGENT FIELD``as well as on my seventh book ``TIME TO IMAGINE``. The former is targeted for completion by End June. It will be the most significant of all my books and is quite comprehensive about my understanding of the Universe, including life in the universe. The latter `Time To Imagine` is in a lighter vein. It is made up of about twenty or so short pieces, interesting but trivial insignificance. This book is expected to be ready by August 2021. Both the books are targeted for publication before the year-end.

Thanks so much for chatting Sir! Best of luck with your upcoming book projects.


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