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Theatre Interview: Artistic Director Laura Strazzeri chats ritual theatre and EMERGE!

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

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RASA AUR DRAMA TIMES caught up with London based THE TEMPLE LTC's director LAURA STRAZZERI. He chats about his play, the philosophy and meta,physics behind the play!

Q1.) We know about mythical adaptations on stage, which may be present in a play partly or dominantly. How does The Temple LTC use rituals in their pristine form in their plays?

LAURA STRAZZERI: To answer this question we have to think about the nature of a ritual. A ritual is a sequence of activities involving movements and/or voice, characterized by performance (events that shape the participant’s perception of the world), formalism (a code) and natural symbolism.

Myths are fractals of the world, we believe that the sharing of such narratives can provide an almost existential celebration.

Through our ritualistic performances, we strive to create a transcendent experience that embodies aspects of performative art.

The goal is that both actors and audiences gain awareness of being a part of a bigger cosmic cycle.

Q2.) How do you preserve the essence of the myth/ritual in the play? How do you train your actors? Do tell RASA AUR DRAMA about your workshop with the actors?

LAURA STRAZZERI: The structures of myths are built on instinct and consciousness. We want to explore ancient themes and decode elemental figures (archetypes, symbols, ritualistic aspect ) by bringing them to life through an all-encompassing experience.

We are proud to say we work as a Tribe. For us, it means sharing the creative process as well as an intimate connection.

On our website, you can find all the details of our acting workshops, as well as the sacred gatherings.

Q3.) How long did it take you to write the script? How long did you rehearse the play EMERGE before doing the first show?

LAURA STRAZZERI: We believe in the divine nature of a creative process. Personally, it usually takes me one season to create the script that the cast is going to devise. While the myth and the concepts are a lifetime’s instinctual choice.

For LOGOS, our previous production, we rehearsed for a couple of months.

For EMERGE we spent one immersive week of full time rehearsing, deeply sharing time, space and energy. It has been very interesting and emotional.

Q5.) In the photos we saw, the venue for the play looks like temples or cathedrals! Are your plays intended to be site-specific theatre pieces?

LAURA STRAZZERI: We can adapt our play very easily, although we strive to give value to ancient or natural venues. We believe people are the soul of a space, that's why we are proud to say that during the last couple of years we brought to life roman temples, churches and palaces.

Q6.) How was the response of the LONDON audience to the play?

LAURA STRAZZERI: We performed (and we are going to perform again soon) in London and Italy. Different audiences but both very receptive and prepared. It’s incredible how, even nowadays, such narratives inspire and interest people with different cultural backgrounds. Myths, in fact, have common roots and they follow the same structure in every culture all around the world. We can say mythology is an universal language.

In India we have mythologist and writer DEVDUTT PATTANAIK , exploring the nuances! Thank You Laura for chatting with RAD TIMES!


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