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[Non-Fiction] Watching a play at Purushottam Karandak! [India]

There is deep beauty in the tension of a play, pulled off in a month or two. Deepness due to little time.As colleges rise slowly in the rounds, the energy, and the adrenalin soars up to epic propotions.As a critic, I witness history , somewhat infront of the eyes. Sometimes tender, sometimes choked up emotions unfold, chocking your eyes cleverly. Also, sitting in an old auditorium, I live the moments with more history and life. The hooting of the audience lights up the curtains to unfold; making a team nervous. While the confidence of a team shuts the brashness of the audience. Purushottam is an epic discource between the artist, audience and the judges. I wonder if I have seen the audience go wild in any other theatre competition. But then, how many have I seen ? Quite a lot in the city. Perhaps I am right. As, the actors lord on stage , with decrepit sets growing like creepers, in a Tagorean-prose; the music would rumble the scene with lights changing the colour and the mood.

And as the confident actor introduces their role with Herculanean confidence, breaking all stereotypes and making new ones; the inexperienced ones cower in his shelter; without the audience knowing they err, so deep. And the lead confident actor declares his completeness on stage, an instant hit, celebrity, fan-following before the play gets over.

it does not surprise you you are at a historical auditorium: the Bharat Natya Mandir.

The flood of emotions drown you in a deluge of creative touch as the play goes on , and you have no time to wonder. It's total transportation to another person's voice; maybe Beckett, maybe Tendulkar, maybe Alekar.

The "nirvana" of practical worldly-social-status rising logic is yet to happen to you. And, innocently I watch the play, oblivious of my foolishness and tardy like tradition of decades in the city Pune.

The play becomes a little mellow after the tension to catch the attention of the audience. I droop a little, just a little bit. I am not uncomfortable though. I am enjoying myself. When a gesture of deep emotion takes me out onto the stage. Piercing it with my critical eyes of sober writings.

Da-da, the actors are tired now. The end is coming. As, my mind relaxes in easy-unengagement, the curtains drop!

The first round of Purushottam Karandak is coming to end!



Deepak Sinha writes on theatre. Some of the publications that have published his pieces are, International Business Times, Loud Applause. He organizes TEDx conferences in Pune.

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