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Theatre Review: Maunaantar Day 1

The Omen: Theatre View, Pune

The first play opened with horror sometimes reminiscent of a Beckett play. A family [four people with two children] has shifted into a new bungalow. A (seemingly) normal home turns into paranormal activity when the photo frame keeps dangling on the hook. The wife in the household fixes it back again and again. It gives rise to many other events in the house. For example, if you cross the basin section you can see a ghost peeping out from the mirror [Good use of paper ghost concept]. The chair begins to rock slowly and an old, decrepit lady is sitting on it. You open the cupboard and there is a child in it. The bed rises up to the roof and comes back all shown on stage. The story is based on a true story which took place at a bungalow in Karve road in Pune. Interesting concept and execution.​ Apt lights by Sharva Sarjyotishi.

Intikhaab,Fergusson College

A girl is captured and tied by a group of terrorists or goons. She is kept in a room guarded by a young man. The girl is innocent in her weak situation also. She copies the antics of the stranger who are guarding her. And, in this moment of weakness builds a connection with the stranger. The stranger without realizing it has a change of heart. And when the moment comes, to shoot the girl, he shoots the devil leader. Lots of use of props and guns and terrifying lights and music. The concept was good but the concept of mime has to be understood better. Strong points the set and the lights.

The backdrop of the story is actually about a boy who wants to take revenge about his sister's death. But, his actions goes against his sister's wishes and the young girl makes him realize it. He cannot redeem her life by slaying anyone else. Plus points detailed sets and a wonderful use of projection to show burning effect.

Hidden Fantasy, Natyapremi Sangha, Chinchwad

In process

Will Way, Srijan Kalamaanch, Pune

A naked stage with two dancers tapping their foot opens up. Two dance groups are practicing for a competition. The practice is going on well until a mishap takes place. A boy goes to drop a friend home and they meet with an accident due to reckless driving. In the mishap, the girl loses her eyes and cannot see.The girl comes home and she is not able to drink water which makes her emotional.A guy in the group also feels her pain and loses interest in the competition. He starts to spend time with her and takes her to boating, pani-puri and more. He discovers that her sense of music is still strong. He begins to work with her and helps her back on stage. Will Way is a mime on everyday life and reliving life after a struggle. There was a scene where the actors form a boat with lights on the background, like some translucent light. It caught your attention. The actors again made some kind of vehicle: an auto. It was an interesting bodywork. Besides all this the play. The dance moves were orchestrated to suit the crowd who cheered. But, they could be more apt with a mime setting. Wonderful lights were done by Sandesh Alhat.

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