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Six Reasons to watch Hash Ernesto Tag Guevara today!


1. The story is inspired from the South American Revolutionary Che Guevara. A distant story brings vividness and imagination. Come witness a leader from another country, another time in an Indian setting.

2. A team of NSD passouts:Subhadip Raha, Girish Pardeshi and Gita Guha decide to work together. They bring out this play on MAGIC REALISM. It is written and directed by stage director Subhadip Raha.

3. The play questions all kinds of -isms and comfortable ideology. They may have replaced our political leanings.

4. The play has just completed ten shows. This show would be eleventh. It has traveled to Siliguri, Behrampore, Naihaati, Kolkata, Poornia, New Delhi and Pune.

5. Tomorrow is the birth anniversary of Che Guevera. India remembers him a day before.

6. The play has been performed at the famous Kala Ghoda Festival 2018 in Mumbai.

Catch the play today at 7:30pm at Sudarshan Rangmanch.


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