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Theatre with Qissa Kothi in May [Mumbai]

WEEKEND is part of Nirmal Verma’s famous trilogy Teen Ekant. It conveys the innermost thoughts of a woman, who is bound by the thread of solitude.

This solo performance is about a woman, who is in love with a married man and they meet every weekend. The girl finds it difficult to accept that their relationship has no name and that they cannot accept it in society, but eventually, she realizes that whatever they have between them is enough for her and she does not need validation from the society. Her narrative is a declaration against societal norms. ​WEEKEND as it was adapted was woven with narratives from the life of the performer as also with additional texts and poetry from Babushah Kohli

When: 12th May at Si Bambai, Mumbai


BUNDELKHAND KI VIRGIN MACHHLIYAN is set in a sinister detention camp where men and women are divested of their clothes and their past, but provided with all the luxuries of life including unlimited sexual gratification. ​The narrator, an actor before he was brought to the prison, has been meted a unique punishment: he must create a performance out of the moments of everyday spent at the camp. He turns this task into a life line, rehearsing and scripting down each moment frantically to recapture a world that he has lost, to resuscitate the very language that he is in dance of forgetting, and to record the systematic dehumanization which is taking place around him. ​ As he narrates the stories of this camp we realise that he has fallen in love with another inmate. In such a sinister camp where one is not allowed to choose can one be in love? A bloody story is revealed soon after...

18th May at Castiko, Versova, Mumbai


​Qissa Kothi's most successful production so far and also its first, HER LETTERS is based on Rabindranath Tagore’s short story Streer Patra. It was written a hundred years from now in 1914. What is beautiful about the story is that it is contemporary. This is also what makes it tragic since it reminds us that not much has changed in the last hundred years, in so far as how we treat women. Mrinal writes a letter to her husband while on a pilgrimage for which her husband does not accompany her. She realizes soon how she had become bound to her habits and revisits her relationship with Bindu, the unwanted guest in her house. Was she her lover? We do not know. She does not make it clear to us or to her husband. HER LETTERS as it was adapted was woven with narratives from the lives of the performers as also with addition texts and poetry from Virginia Woolf and Amrita Pritam. ​

11th May at Si Bambai, Mumbai​

12th May at Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai​

19th May at Harkat Studios, Mumbai

20th May at Harkat Studios, Versova, Mumbai

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