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Registrations Open : Merchants of Madness workshop

Orchestrated Q'Works & The Red Door invites expressions of interest in the first round of workshops for the Merchants of Madness project. Open to those 16th years and older. Merchants of Madness is a community mental health project that uses performance and drama processes to address mental wellbeing within communities. The MoM workshop brings together community leaders, activators, social workers and students looking to be community activators. It will focus on introducing skills to help individuals start drama processes within their communities to collect stories, create safe spaces and build performances. Merchants of Madness is supported by AWID WORKSHOP TAKEWAYS: =Community Theatre tools =Collecting stories of mental health and devising performance with them =Creating characters, playing with imaginary friends and voices in the head =Working with objects, puppets and materials to design scenes =Dance Movement =Visual Arts / Expressive Arts =Facilitation Skills =Community-building with mental well-being through the arts Programme Facilitators: Hina Siddiqui

Hina Siddiqui is a theatremaker and artist leader based in Pune. She holds a Professional Certificate from LAMDA and is an ATSA Fellow. She is part of Orchestrated Q’Works, a performance art and community theatre collective. Val Resh / SKii the Mime

Reshma Valliappan, also known as Val Resh is an artist-activist working with mental health, disability, sexuality and human rights. Recipient of the Gandhi and Ashoka Fellowships and author of the work Fallen, Standing: My Life as a Schizophrenist and runs mental health advocacy platform, The Red Door. Anubha Harlalka-Doshi

Anubha, a Clinical Psychologist, Arts-Based Therapist and Reiki Master, is the Founder-Director of Artsphere Pune. She is on the advisory board as well as training faculty of CMTAI. Her practice is unique as she explores the connection between Dance Movement Therapy and Mindfulness born out of her study of the Buddhist psychology at the Pune University.

Avantika Malhautra Avantika is a Counseling Psychologist & Expressive Arts Therapist working within the domain of mental health, social- emotional skills and overall well-being. She has been a Movement facilitator with the Creative Movement Therapy Association of India and is currently the Director of Therapy at Artsphere in Pune overseeing therapy courses, school & corporate projects, workshops and holding individual and group therapy sessions with adult clients. Ranjan Rajgopaul Ranjan is a Digital Storyteller, Trainer and Doggie Activist. He is also a member of a 12 Step Fellowship. He joined the fellowship in order to deal with his addiction to alcohol and substances. Thanks to the fellowship, he's now been clean and sober for 17+ years. His life has been on the path of introspection, observation, therapy and healing and now he works with others to help them live life on life's terms. He is a motivational speaker and community leader. Find out more about his Training work on


Workshop cost: Rs 3000/- Discounts for students available. TO APPLY,SIMPLY FILL THIS FORM: Write into or call 9975624891 for details.


LAST DATE TO REGISTER: 5th DECEMBER Applicants do not need to have any previous knowledge or training in acting, performance arts or psychology. This workshop is for people who want to engage communities and activate safe sapces. As such it is open to people of all genders (including gender-nonconforming, transgender and agender individuals), sexualities, abilities (please ask us about accessibility at the workshop space). If you know someone who would be a good contributor to this project and needs help with language, child-care etc, please do get in touch with us so that we can figure out ways to include them. We do have a limited number of bursaries for students and applicants with special needs. Please do ask us about these.

Merchant of Madness

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