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China gives birth to a literary superhero: Guo Jing

The writer of these books has sold 300 million copies already. The hero of these books Guo Jing is a young soldier who occupies a rank in the Genghis Khan's army; also has lost his father to a crime. Guo Jing could soon be as popular a figure as Frodo Baggins of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings or John Snow of Games of Thrones.

The writer of these books Jin Yong is very popular in China. The books of the author are also being translated in English.Anna Holmwood , 32, has translated the book for Mac Lehose Press which is a 12-volume series. It is expected to come out in February.

The story is set in 1200 AD China, where an empire is coming to collapse. The empire is being attacked by Jurchen Jin dynasty. All their faith lies in the expert martial arts practitioners.

The same writer has also written Legend of Condor:


"The original plot of the book is worshiped by generations of readers of Wu Xia novels. The new version has a couple of twists to keep everyone interested. Also, the 2008 production has a cast targeting a younger audience (i.e. Hu Ge and Ariel Lin). The long history of the dynasties and fueds, that cover a good deal of Jin Yong’s novel, are quickly covered in the first couple of episodes. A big ‘Thank You!’ to the director and screenwriter. Huge changes were also made for the character Yang Kang but you’ll have to scroll down to the spoilers section to read about the specifics.

As for casting for the four lead character, I have some accolades and some grievances. I really appreciate that the 2008 version has the hottest Guo Jing to date. His first appearances, mostly his hair, has the viewers (including myself) questioning the costume director. Please get that dreadful curtain of frizzed bangs away from Hu Ge’s gorgeous face! However, his lookdoes improve significantly in a couple episodes of part 2 of LOCH. He even picks up a cute unshaven look near the end.

Ariel Lin is also probably the cutest Huang Rong. We’ve had some really gorgeous Huang Rongs in previous version of LOCH but I think Ariel Lin did a wonderful job in this adaptation. Her bouncy and mischievous personality really grabs the screen. Love the little movements and habits that Ariel used to create this character. I watched LOCH because of Ariel Lin and she doesn’t disappoint. As reported, she has lost a lot of weight for the shooting of LOCH. You can tell by looking her body but her face didn’t loose that innocent childish look. However, the way she uses her eyes and the way she moves really brings Huang Rong to life. The dubbed voice also helps since a Taiwanese accent is hardly convincing in a Wu Xia drama."----


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