Fiction: The Attic by Vishwajeet Ranade

For Alexander,Watching himself in the mirror had never been so full of questions before. It was the festive season of Xmas in downtown ,Maryland. Everything was lit up with beauty, hope, happiness and smiles at the top of the conical Xmas trees. But This time the tip of the tree seemed to be too high at his place. As he wanted to finish his tree with a smile, he decided to cut off the tip to a smaller height....The saw was forgotten in the attic, after he moved to this new, but ancient mansion, all alone. How ironic are people to chop off the height of their destiny to achieve happiness, if the destiny is too high.... Heading towards Attic with carols on his lips, Alexander was afraid of mirrors for what happened last night.He finally reached Attic with a candle in his shaky hands.....The place where irony of his life begun.A place, so dark that only a man with red eyes, grey hair, a black coat of hopelessness with a teethless smile on his face all his eyes and gums melting down, can survive. In the darkness of total lifelessness, the man Kept on calling his name, "Alexander!" A whisper screeching to his frozen heart from his ear...."Alexander!! Join me for the Christmas...." Alexander confused, frozen walked with a candle in his hand towards the end of his attic. It was a total nothingness. Alexander knew that nothingness is a total existence of zero space and time. His heart pumped Fear. He understood that he was somewhere on the space time intersection. With a chill crawling through his skin, he lost his conscious. The candle fell. A total darkness with nothingness again.... He woke up to a normal life back. But with Nothingness, just A mirror standing tall beside him. He tried to see himself in the mirror. He could not believe his eyes. The man with red eyes was his reflection. Alexander was the dimension walker, crawling back to death in "The Atiic". The highest level of existence. It was a great Xmas eve. Today, his reflection seemed to be too close to him. For Alexander, Watching himself in the mirror had never been so full of answers before.

Gif Credit: Rasa Aur Drama/Pune Theatre Guide

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