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Theatre at Sudarshan Rangmanch : Siyah Manto

Recreating a creative adaptation of Saadat Hasan Manto, Ranghbhumi Theatre presents Siyah Manto. Four stories of the writer have been adapted by Juben Ibrahim Shaikh. The team is bringing the fierce candour of the stories on stage. In the recent past, Sudarshan Rangmanch has seen the reading of some of Manto's stories by television and film actor Girish Pardeshi and a theatre practitioner Aarti Tiwari."The pieces knock on your belief system on society.The characters are naked and guileless. In an unforgettable journey, Rangbhumi Theatre take you through a poignant story on human emotions.

Where: Sudarshan Rangmanch

When: 6:30 pm

Passes: Rs. 100

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