Hrudayantar: the agony of love

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A sarangi in the opening piece, mellows the opening of the film. .A background-blurred screen stares at you; introducing you to an operation theatre ward. You are immediately run through a well-to-do home, kids playing and frolicking. The kids are being dropped to school by the mother, welcome to the world of Shekhar and Samaira.

Shekhar, a very successful hotelier is a self made man. He is busy in his business and spares glimpses and looks for his family during dinner. This irks the wife who is a doting mother. She constantly brings it up with him. and, Shekhar cannot take it , after twelve years of marriage. In conversations they throw hints of breaking up, and it is nothing but a real scenario.

The performance of the protagonists are solid, and a clear, resonant voice. The family has two kids: Nitya and Nysha.

Nitya is an avid dancer at Shiamak's Institiute of Performing arts. While Nysha is a talented sportwoman.

Also, Shekhar and Samaira have mastered the art of appearing a normal couple to the world. Samaira doesnt fail to leave hints at these occasions, that they are not doing so well.

Ash the aunty has played her part humorously.One of the most haunting scene of the film is when Shekhar breaks down and talks about his life; it took him ten years of life to build his empire. And when he comes home everyday, he is reminded every time of still being at work. Then, when he appreciates Nysha she ignores it. and when he doesn't, she says he doesn't care. He is succesfull in his business, but absolutely clueless about what went wrong in his marriage life.

What slowly brings them together is Nitya having leukemia. many,many tender moments come up in the movie, which ache your heart. Its an emotional piece of work. very real.

The couple enjoy a lovely home. I do feel that the cinematography could have a more detailed texture.

The film is quite sensitive to introducing an illness to kids and the use of Kriss is commendable.

I would recommend this piece of work: because of the pathos filled moments. When Nitya refuses to go out, as she will be teased , as she will be teases. Shekhar also shaves his head.

Cast:Subodh Bhave, Mukta Barve, Trushnika Shinde, Nishtha Vaidya, Meena Naik,Sonali Khare, Ameet Khedekar,Meher Acharia – Dar,Monika Dharankar,Hrithik Roshan,Shiamak Davar,Manish Paul,Atul Parchure,Vishakha Subhedaar,Amol Bawdekar​

Director: Vikram Phadnis

Screenwriter: Vikram Phadnis

Producers: Young Berry Entertainment,Imtiaz Khatri,Vikram Phadnis Productions in association with TOABH Entertainment

Cinematography: Dilshad V.A

Production Designers: Wendy Samuels, Mark Tanner

Editors: Ajit Devle

Music: Praful Karlekar

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