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Theatre Review:50 Paike 47 Phakta


The play was ordinary like any other, a class room scene; the teacher is teaching and the students frolic around.They mimic a fellow student or the teacher. One of the students is so smart; he gives out the answer to the date of World War 1 and World War 2 verbatim. He impresses the teacher, but the other students just laugh at him. A scene where they enact Hitler on their desks was hilarious and there was a comic element to it. The first half failed to draw too much attention.But, the second half was riveting. Especially when the message of the play became clearer. The student who was all talk and answer in the class, does not get the desired marks. He becomes sad and depressed and then decides to end his life. But, a friend appears from nowhere and takes him to the future; how the class and the parents react to the scene. The parents come to the class and wail infront of the whole class. The students start talking about him; why couldn’t he just ignore the fact that he scored less. They chide him and grow sorrowful. The piece created quite a heart rendering scene in this portrayal.What I admire, is the strong message it sent out to the education system and parents; not to over eulogize talent. There are cases of student suicide still in region in Pune and outskirts; which may or may not make the newspapers.Cloaking such message in whatever execution and delivery you provide; is good theatre. If you are able to stir some minds and hearts in your time on stage; the piece lingers on.Critics, at times may be too occupied with analyzing the structure of a play that plays are a tradition, a cultural pattern; a way of life. Some theatre reminds you that; theatre in Maharashtra is a movement and social reform; it’s not just plain storytelling. Theatre has deep roots here!

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